Cable, Wifi and Network Device Installation Services

Setting up your business IT networking tools and network cable and wifi settings drastically improves your online performance ! IT-BATAM services handle design, cabling, routers, Wi-Fi, maintenance and repairs to ensure your business is up and running around the clock.

Local Area Topology

Effective Optimal Safe Installation and Setup

IT-BATAM services are experts in preparing and handling your equipment and will effectively set up your infrastructure. This includes cabling services, Wi-Fi network setup and configuration, VOIP Integration and more. A complete solution for your business.

Our Services Include:

Structured Data and Video Cable Installation

Our expertise includes structured 5e, 6 or 7 network cabling installation services, coaxial/IP cable and video integration and voice cabling (All models out of the industry).

Wi-Fi Network Settings and Configuration

Our Wi-Fi network services include router and access point settings, range widening, and network optimization..

Server Room and Network Settings

We specialize in enclosed and open-frame server rack implementations, labeling, cable management and routing. This ensures your infrastructure is in order

splicing kabel optik

Fiber Optic Cable Integration

IT-BATAM partners with experts in the field of Fiber Optic Networks so that you can easily apply the latest technology in your business.

Voip instalation and setup

VoIP Installation and Configuration

IT-BATAM Services implements a cost-effective VOIP service that allows fast and quality calls from any device (mobile, laptop, desktop, etc.).

cloud router

Router Installation and Configuration

Router installation services for business needs include bandwidth settings, site blocking, hotspot account settings up to VPN and Firewall

Benefits of a well-structured Cable Network:


Our structured cabling infrastructure keeps your business growing and is easy to restructure or expand.

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Effective labeling allows our engineers to easily identify problems and keep your infrastructure online.



By complying with industry standards, we ensure consistency and a stable network.
ensure your infrastructure is maintained its quality

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